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Brimas A/S founds Briparts A/S

20th Sept. 2012 - Brimas A/S now offers outsourcing from low-cost countries via sister company Briparts Read more

Record order for

16th January 2012 - Brimas A/S just signed the largest order in its history Read more

Brimas A/S acquires the smith Sandvad Smed

3rd October 2011 - Brimas A/S acquires Sandvad Smed and continues its expansive growth Read more

Brimas expands again

10th February 2011 - New glass blasting plant for stainless steel Read more

Profit sharing for employees

31st March 2010 - Brimas A/S increases its turnover in a tough market Read more

Balconies, stairs and special projects

1 March 2012 - Balconies, stairs and special projects Read more

Brimas A/S hires former competitor

26th February 2010 - Brimas /AS continues the good progress from 2009. Read more

Brimas A/S wins major order for the offshore industry

31st August 2009 - Brimas has just received a major order from the offshore industry. Read more

Brimas A/S expand their business area

31st January 2008 – Brimas expand their business area  Read more

Brimas A/S celebrates its 10-year anniversary and steers clear of the financial crisis.

01st November 2008 - 1998 the foundation for the current Brimas A/S was set Read more

Laser cutting and edge folding

1st October 2008 - Brimas A/S has just invested in a new laser cutter. Read more

The gazelle company Brimas A/S delivers an impressive financial statement.

30th September 2008 - The machine factory Brimas A/S continues its positive growth.  Read more

Brimas A/S starts delivery of components for surgical precision robots in London

1st August 2008 - Brimas A/S has been assigned to deliver components to a company in London. Read more

Brdr. Iversen becomes BRIMAS A/S

30th June 2008 - Following 10 exciting years, as Brdr. Iversen, we have decided to restructure the compan Read more

Brdr. Iversen focuses on productivity and competitiveness

1st April 2008 - CEO Peter Iversen from Brdr. Iversen has long been focused on productivity.  Read more

Brdr. Iversen expand their business area

31st January 2008 - Brdr. Iversen expand their business area to also include deliveries in construction Read more

Brdr. Iversen invest in new 2000 m2 modern factory floor

30th April 2007 – Growing demand and positive growth have required investment in new premises. Read more


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